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Cosmetic treatments can have a profound impact on health and wellbeing, helping individuals to feel physically and mentally complete, often for the first time in their lives. However, there has always been a cloud of criticism that falls on those who choose to undergo these treatments. Vanity and self-obsessed are two terms that regularly get thrown around.

We believe that there has been too much noise, for too long in the sector. In reality, there are strong fundamental factors driving the demand for these treatments. Here are just a few to consider

  1. Ageing – whilst we all want to grow old gracefully, we all age at different rates and for those of us experiencing premature signs that make us appear older than we are, it can be deeply impactful on our confidence levels. The person we see isn’t the person we feel, and that disconnect can make us want to hide away. Not to mention, we are living longer than ever and want to make the most of our lives in that time. Looking and feeling our best for as long as possible plays into this.
  2. Trauma and Disease – with conditions like breast cancer now affecting more than 1 in 8 women, the demand for cosmetic treatment to restore the body following disease is on the rise. With advances in modern medicine, more of us are surviving these once life-threatening conditions. However, we want to do more than just survive, we want to thrive, and with that comes wanting our bodies back to how they were before illness took over. Cosmetic treatments can play a huge role in helping to restore the confidence we once had, helping to heal both the physical and emotional scars for the better.
  3. Birth Defects – no matter how big or small, being born with something that isn’t considered the ‘norm’ can really impact the way we feel about ourselves. Whilst we are all special and unique in our own way, there is no doubt that cosmetic treatments can help take away the anxiety that comes with being born with something medically different to others.
  4. Pregnancy – bringing life into the world is a beautiful and rewarding process, but the impact carrying a baby, and the birth process, can have on the body often leaves many women stressed, during a time that should be a happy one. Whilst being a mum is now a huge part of their identity, they still want to hold on to other aspects of their self and cosmetic treatments can help to do this. By giving them back the body they crave, they can feel happier in their own skin and this happiness ultimately benefits everyone around them.
  5. Self-esteem – this reason naturally underpins every decision. Ultimately, when we dislike the way we look, our confidence and self-esteem plummets. It makes us want to pull out and stops us from living our lives to their true potential. Cosmetic treatments can help us become the person on the outside that we always felt on the inside, and matching those identities naturally delivers a higher level of confidence and happiness.

These are just some of the reasons that drive the demand for cosmetic treatments. We believe that every story is unique and every story is valid. Whatever the reason, getting cosmetic treatment is a personal choice. Wanting to feel your best can only be commended and we applaud those who choose to put themselves first and give themselves the confidence boost they need. Not for anyone else, but just for them!