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When you want to get a fresher, more natural look without going under the knife or committing to long recovery time, tweakments are just the answer. Usually done within the space of your doctor’s clinic, tweakments often help you enhance your look with non or minimally invasive procedures. The best thing is, they are so subtle that they are often called the ‘secret treatments’! They are a rage with savvy consumers celebrities all over the world.

Most Popular Tweakments

Secret Face Lift: The ‘secret face lift’ or ‘mini’, as it is popularly known, has become increasingly popular. Only one stitch or staple near the hair line is what it often takes to stretch the facial skin for a younger look, with hardly any visible scar.

Botox: With more advanced and improved versions coming to the market in recent times, this ever popular muscle relaxant toxin is now even more effective. Top professionals now use this better Botox in lower dosage, whilst still getting longer lasting results

Fillers : Whether it’s a non surgical rhinoplasty aka ‘nose job’ or natural looking fuller lips, the latest dermal fillers can achieve desired results with minimal invasion. Just an expert squirt under the skin can plump up and/or enhance the contours.

Non invasive liposuction: The two most popular treatments are Vaser Lipo and Laser Lipo. Both help you loose fat and sculpt the body. While Vaser Lipo breaks down fat cells by amplifying the natural vibration process through ultrasound technology, Laser Lipo or Smart Lipo melts fat using laser energy.

Microneedling: This is a skin texture enhancement treatment based on the ancient practice of Acupuncture. A device using micro needles is used to affect controlled punctures on the skin to kick start the skin cells’ natural repair mode. This treatment is excellent for reducing the fine lines, lightening pigmentation and even decreasing the appearance of scars.  

Microdermabrasion: These treatments have been around for a while and are still holding strong. It’s now even possible to find completely natural abrasives, which can impart that youthful, fresh glow to your skin and can also help reduce pigmentation.

Cryotherapy: Used for both body and face, this therapy uses freezing or near freezing temperatures to tone up the skin and enhance weight loss by making the body work harder to stay warm. Additionally, this therapy can also help relieve muscle pains.

Fat Freezing: Technically known as ‘Cryolipolysis’, it is a non invasive alternative to liposuction. It uses cooling paddles to suction and crystallise fat from targeted areas, helping achieve a more sculpted look.

Key to successful tweakments

Realistic expectations: It is critically important to know how much or how little you want to change or enhance. Instead of trying to copy someone else’s look, it’s better to envision your own desired look before getting a tweakment.

Experienced and qualified surgeon or medical professional: The importance of getting tweakments done by a qualified medical professional can’t be over emphasised! Non surgical is not necessarily non medical and an experienced provider can make all the difference. You can find and book consultation with an expert at app.nowme.co.uk/doctors.

After Care: As with any other treatment, tweakments can last longer with good after care. Regular exercising, healthy eating, sun protection and good sleeping habits can help maintain that glow, keep you looking toned and fit, and enhance your overall happiness and confidence.

Remember, your choices are what make you, so chose wisely. Do your research, create a bespoke look and find the right medical professional. For all the information and assistance you need, visit NowMe.co.uk, your one stop solution for cosmetic treatments and tweakments.