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Whether it’s a non-surgical treatment like botox or fillers, or surgical procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tuck or liposuction, cosmetic treatments are on the rise. 2018 has been an eventful year and as we kick off 2019, we take a look at the trends experts are touting as the ‘ones to watch’.

Safety Is Cool

Whether it was the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning on vaginal rejuvenation devices, the Dr Bumbum fiasco with the Brazilian Butt Lift or Allergan’s withdrawal of textured breast implants, 2018 saw safety take centre stage in the beauty debate. People realised how critical it is to find a trusted source for clear, independent and unbiased information, and a qualified and experienced medical practitioner for the treatment they seek. 2019 will see safety becoming a priority for patients.

Conversations Get Candid

2018 saw an increase in honesty around cosmetic treatments bringing a level of inclusivity that hasn’t been seen before. Many celebrities spoke out about their experiences with cosmetic treatments, helping to reduce stigma and shed light on how they maintain their appearance and boost their confidence. As a result, cosmetic treatments and wanting them is becoming less elite and more accessible. This isn’t a move to make cosmetic procedures more mainstream, but more about women feeing empowered to go for the change they want and to own their decision. As we move into 2019, we anticipate this open dialogue about the power of cosmetic treatments to increase, with more and more celebrities, influencers and general consumers expected to be increasingly vocal about their own experiences, which will further help  drive the discussion.

Small Is Beautiful

Another interesting trend is towards patients wanting more natural results that enhance their looks rather than redefining them. This desire for subtle edits, rather than a complete transformation can be seen in the rise of smaller breast implants and fat transfer treatments for breast enhancement which are swiftly replacing larger, more obvious implant procedures. The advantages aren’t just related to aesthetics – there are some additional benefits such as active lifestyles, less risky (lower complications and quick recovery) and long term practicality.

Celebrity Lookalikes Are Out

Whilst requests for celebrity features still occur, people are increasingly opting to look like enhanced versions of themselves, as opposed to craving the look of a famous person. This is facilitated largely by technology solutions like apps and filters, which allow the individual to alter their own pictures. While solutions which facilitate face editing are abundant – from removing blemishes to smoothing the nose, there are less that facilitate editing other body parts in detail e.g. altering the breast size and shape. This editing option is expected to get further revolutionised in 2019, as new technologies enter the market such as NowMe’s visualiser. Discovering what you could look like is set to be transformed, and this will no doubt further impact the look consumers are trying to achieve.

Spoilt For Choice

The cosmetic treatment market is expected to bring a spate of new products such as smart breast implants enhancing traceability and safety, and new botulinum toxins bringing increased competition into the neuromodulator market. Some of these innovations will hit the market in 2019, enhancing the customer experience and making cosmetic treatments more accessible to a wider audience.

So, if you’re looking to make a change in 2019, then head to NowMe, your best friend for cosmetic treatments – whether you are looking for the information you need to make the right decision for you or want to find a qualified practitioner who can help you achieve the look you want and the confidence boost that comes with it.