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When it comes to the cosmetic treatment space, the jargon used can be quite confusing. Whether it’s brand names being used as generic names for treatments or slang terms substituting some medical terms, the sector can be mind boggling!

At NowMe.co.uk we’re on a mission to demystify this confusion to ensure you have the clarity and insight to make an informed choice that’s right for you.

Here’s a break down of some of the most mixed up terminology…

Plastic Surgery Vs Cosmetic Surgery
For many, these terms are considered interchangeable. However, these concepts do have different nuances! Plastic surgery is a sector of medicine intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body. It places reconstruction at its heart and focuses on addressing defects caused by disease, burns, trauma or birth defects. Cosmetic Surgery, on the other hand, focuses on elective treatments that seek to improve the aesthetic appeal of the face or body, even though the functionality is considered normal.

In many cases, cosmetic surgery is seen as a sub section of plastic surgery and there is a great deal of overlap largely because any type of plastic surgery performed, even if it is reconstructive, should have an end goal of delivering a strong cosmetic result.

Whilst one is medically reconstructive and the other is aesthetically elective, both have a profound effect on the patient’s confidence levels, improving their quality of life in the long term.

Reconstructive Vs Cosmetic Treatments
Reconstructive procedures include the likes of cleft lip repair, breast reconstruction following mastectomy and skin grafts after burns and many more. Their focus is on restoring both the function and normal appearance of deformities caused by trauma, medical conditions or birth defects. As the name suggests, it is about reconstructing something to allow that patient to feel ‘normal’ in comparison to their peers. By contrast, cosmetic treatments enhance existing anatomy that is otherwise considered ‘normal’ to make it visually more appealing. This includes the likes of breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty.

In the UK, reconstructive treatments are largely covered on the NHS, whereas cosmetic procedures are self-financed as they are not considered a medical emergency. However, once again the lines can become blurred and, occasionally, cosmetic procedures may be provided on the NHS for psychological or other health reasons. A good example is a breast reduction operation if the weight of a woman’s breasts is causing her back problems.

Brand Names Vs Treatments
Within the cosmetic treatment space, brand names have started to be used as common nouns to describe procedures. However, think about things like ‘hoover’ – we use it to describe a whole category of vacuum cleaning products, but it is in fact a brand name! The same is true of ‘Botox’. Botox is a brand name that describes a specific patent. The treatment itself is in fact botulinum toxin and there are many different variations of this in the market. It’s important to understand that not all toxins are created equal. They include different components and you need to understand the benefits of each from your practitioner. Your practitioner can expand on the specific brand they use and why they make the choice to go with that product.

Real Treatment Names Vs Slang Terms
Boob job or breast augmentation, nose job or rhinoplasty, tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. When it comes to cosmetic and reconstructive treatments, there are a lot of colloquial terms that have infiltrated the sector. Whilst these names are easier to decipher, they over simplify treatments that can actually be quite complex with multiple methods. For example, the term boob job commonly refers to the use of implants to enhance breast size. However, for those considering altering the appearance of their breasts, there are so many options – breast uplift, breast reduction, implants, fat transfer, etc. The procedures are wide ranging and can be customised to the individual. Such simplified slang can lead to confusion about what exact treatment could help us to achieve the face and body we long for. Rather than focusing on these generic terms, visit Naomi, our handy chat bot who can give you insight into what treatment could be the right choice for you.

We hope our run down of these terms gives you some insight into the world of reconstructive and cosmetic treatments and helps you to feel informed for the better. Check out our site www.nowme.co.uk to discover even more!