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As the cosmetic treatment industry continues to grow, newer treatments are flooding the market, from permanent surgical options to temporary non-surgical approaches, there have never been more options to help you achieve the look you want. For many surgical procedures there may be a less invasive option that seeks to deliver a similar result. Whether it’s using fillers to emulate rhinoplasty or botox to make you look younger without the face lift, there are so many treatments that seek to help you achieve the change you desire. However, when it comes to choosing between surgical and non-surgical there are five key things you should consider to help you make the right choice for you:

  1. What results are you expecting?

Surgical procedures are ideal for men and women who want a more substantial and dramatic change in their appearance. If you’re only after a ‘tweakment’ rather than a big change, then often a less invasive treatment will be more effective. For instance, an individual with deep wrinkling over the face and neck might find greater satisfaction opting for a full facelift, neck lift and browlift or forehead lift than with non-surgical laser procedure or superficial chemical peel. By contrast those with only minor lines or who are wanting to prevent wrinkles may prefer something less invasive like botox.

  1. Factor in cost

In general, cosmetic surgery treatments have a higher one-off cost that requires payment up front. By comparison non-surgical treatments tend to be cheaper in the first instance but require repeat top ups to keep the results fresh. For example rhinoplasty can cost several thousands, but the results are truly permanent, whist a non-surgical nose alteration would cost less than a thousand and needs to be refreshed every year. However, remember there are finance options that can help you to spread the payments of surgical treatments over time to make them more manageable. Stretching yourself financially is never advised and it’s key that you carefully assess what you would be comfortable with when it comes to payments.

  1. Post-treatment recovery

If you’re after a cosmetic treatment in time for a special event or occasion or you struggle to take time off from work, then the recovery time following a treatment is essential to consider. For a surgery such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck, you often need to take a full week off work, and recovery can take 6-8 weeks. By contrast, some non-cosmetic treatments have no down time for recovery and results can be instant.

  1. Post-treatment Upkeep

Whilst price is a factor, the time needed for top ups is also key to bear in mind. If you lead a hectic life or are often travelling, fitting in constant appointments can prove difficult. For that reason, many prefer to opt for the surgical approach which normally only requires one operation that will last many years, if not a lifetime.

  1. Non-surgical is not non-medical

Most people take their safety as a given, particularly while undergoing non-surgical treatments. However, it is important to note that while non-surgical treatments are minimally invasive they can still have major and irreversible adverse impacts on health and wellbeing. The possibility of adverse impacts can be considerably reduced with a skilled and experienced practitioner. Hence non-surgical treatments should be properly researched ahead of the treatment.

If you still can’t make up your mind, book a consultation with a practitioner that can offer both the surgical and non-invasive procedure options. They will be able to discuss the treatments and their pros and cons with you in depth to ensure you make the right choice for yourself.