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Ever heard the old adage ‘fail to plan, plan to fail?’ When it comes to cosmetic surgery, that statement certainly has merit! Bear in mind that whilst it may be an elective treatment, you are embarking on a medical procedure and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. From doing your pre treatment research through to post treatment recovery, you need to ensure you are as prepared as possible and have a plan in place! Here at NowMe we’ve compiled a step by step timeline to keep you on track; whether you’re undergoing liposuction or a breast augmentation these prep points will always ring true…

Week 1-2

Step One: Preparation & Research

You want to make a change that will elevate your confidence and help you be what you want to be? Now is the time to really take that to a new level and bone up on your options. Choosing your treatment and finding the right surgeon to perform that procedure is one of the most important parts of the process. Not all surgeons are equal and it’s vital that you do your due diligence and check out their unique experience. Likewise, this is the time to ensure you understand what your treatment will entail – from the surgical techniques used to the recovery time and costs, immerse yourself in the procedure. When you know the details you can make sure your decision is an informed one. NowMe is an amazing starting point, with a chat bot that can answer all your most pressing questions and a practitioner search option that connects you with highly skilled surgeons near you.

Week 2-5

Step Two: Consultation

It can take time to get a consultation with the surgeon you have selected so bear in mind that this process can sometimes involve waiting! However, it’s vital that you meet your surgeon face-to-face for an in depth discussion where they can assess you as a candidate for the desired procedure, and expand on the procedure in more detail. This is your chance to ask all of your questions – whether it’s rhinoplasty technique or what kind of implants you will receive, take the time in the run up to this consultation to jot down every question you have so you can use the time to full effect.

Week 3-7

Step Three: Cooling Off

You’ve had your consultation and are keen to book, however it is always advisable to take some time to ensure that the decision you are making is right for you. This cooling off period is important to allow you time to reflect and ensure you are happy with both the treatment and the surgeon carrying it out. Beware of people who pressurise you to book or offer time sensitive discounts. In many cases it may be that you actually want to undergo a second consultation before making a final decision. Remember this is a permanent change that will transform your life and you need to be exactly ready for it.

Week 5-10

Step Four: Treatment

You’ve made the decision to book? Now you need to work with your surgeon to find an available date for you to undergo your treatment. Often this can take time as popular surgeons are booked up, but it is highly recommended to wait for your preferred practitioner. An additional few weeks is worth it to ensure the results you want are delivered! You also need to consider any events you have coming up and plan around them to make sure your surgery doesn’t conflict.

In the weeks prior to your confirmed surgery date, remember you need to prepare an immediate recovery plan. In most cases you will need someone to take you home and be with you for the first 24 hours after your treatment, you will need to arrange child and pet care where necessary, take time off work and remember you won’t be able to drive or lift anything for first few days. Prepare your home and your family/friends so you are in prime position to embark on this journey in the calmest and safest way.

Week 6-14 (Immediately Post Treatment)

Step Five: Recovery

You’ve undergone your treatment and are ecstatic to have made the change you craved. Now this is where the recovery begins! Every surgery will have a different recovery time and many procedures do take months before you are fighting fit. However, for most, a full week is enough to get you feeling comfortable, and a month will see you return to your normal activities. During this time, you will likely need to see a nurse who can change or remove dressings, and you’ll see your surgeon who will review your results and give you guidance on any questions you have.

Week 10-12 onwards (1 Month Post Treatment)

Step Six: A New You!

With recovery running smoothly, you’ll be ready to embrace the new you. Now is the time to enjoy the results and really flourish as a new, more confident you!

It’s important to note that the above timelines are for guidance purposes only and can vary depending on the treatment, medical practitioner and your individual circumstances. However, with our handy timeline you can plan to invest in your decision and make the informed choice that’s right for you. The choice that will help you to realise the change you want!