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When life feels like it is running at a million miles per hour, it can be hard to find a moment in the day which is fully your own. However, when it comes to our own mental and physical wellbeing, it’s vital that we carve out precious time where we can truly put ourselves first and prioritise what makes us feel happy and healthy. Think you’re too busy for self-care? Here are five reasons why it’s such an essential component to make time for:

1.     You deserve it

We are often guilt tripped into thinking that putting ourselves first is selfish but it simply isn’t the case. You spend hours working hard, helping others, ensuring your family and friends are happy but you need to believe that you also deserve to enjoy time to yourself where you are able to do something that brings you true joy. Believing you are worthy of happiness is key to achieving just that!

2.     Your relationships will benefit too

When you are stressed, tired and run down those feelings rub off on those around you – be it your partner, your family, your friends or your work colleagues. When you put yourself first and place your happiness as a priority, you avoid letting those stresses and strains impact these relationships. A lighter, happier you means you will reflect those feelings, resulting in less anger and arguments! Again, self-care isn’t selfish, in fact it can be quite the opposite and improve life for the people around you too!

3.     Your emotional and mental wellbeing will thank you for it

Constantly being on the go and never taking time to slow down and reflect can leave you feeling run down both physically and mentally. When your glass is nearly empty, your productivity will instantly take a dive. Allowing yourself even a small amount of time purely for yourself – whether you want to meditate, read, garden, sleep, exercise or pamper yourself will give you time to refuel and recharge, ensuring you feel raring to go and are able to tackle life with gusto.

4.     You’ll discover something you never knew about yourself

Spending time focusing on yourself and doing something purely because you want to may help to unearth something about yourself that you never expected. Self-care can open you up to possibilities and experiences that will transform your life.

5.     You will smile more

Self-care ultimately means doing things that improve your happiness, and if you’re happy, you’ll be smiling and so will those around you. You should never feel guilty for being happy, so don’t be afraid to schedule in a bit of time for yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Schedule in that hour, day or week where you can enjoy some ‘me time’ and prioritise yourself for a happier, healthier future.

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