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No one is born with endless self-confidence, like any skill it comes with practice! Feeling confident about yourself can open up endless possibilities, leaving you feeling happier and more positive. So how do you develop this coveted confidence?

  1. Be your own cheerleader – giving yourself positive affirmations can be a powerful way to boost your confidence, especially during times of stress or struggle. When you tell yourself that you are doing well, you are worthy of success and happiness, you trigger a cycle of positivity which translates into confidence. You’re also less likely to focus on past failures! Own what’s amazing about you and vocalise it. You may feel a little awkward talking to yourself (and get a few odd looks from your colleagues or friends!) but saying it out loud is the key to boosting your own self confidence.
  2. Look your best – when you feel you look at your most presentable, it instantly impacts how you carry yourself. If you’re wearing an outfit that flatters your shape, make up that makes your features pop or hair that everyone compliments on, you naturally feel confident.
  3. Smile more – it may sound silly but it works! When you smile at others, they smile back and this kindness will instantly cause a chain reaction of happiness. The happier you are, the more at ease and confident in yourself you will feel.
  4. Strike a power pose – try standing with your hands on your hips, back long and head held high. Adopt a superman post, or try throwing your hands up in the air in a V shape. While you can’t bust this move out anytime anywhere, just a few minutes in a power stance will give you an instant boost.
  5. Take ten deep belly breaths– people with low confidence commonly have less oxygen in their system due to habitual chest breathing. Take time to do ten slow and deep breaths, drawing into your belly and slowly out. Not only does it cause you to calm yourself down, it will boost your oxygen levels to help you feel clearer and more focused to tackle the task at hand.

So why not give these tactics a trial and see if you can boost your confidence for the better!