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As we lead consistently more hectic lives, it can become all too easy to be distracted and lose sight of what makes us truly happy and content. Work pressure, relationship strains, all combined with the 24 hour society we live in, can mean we never take a moment to really celebrate the present and live for the now.

Mindfulness is the perfect way to help you feel more centred, less stressed and your best self!

Here’s five top tips to help bring some mindfulness to your life:

  1. Breathe More – close your eyes and focus on nothing but your breathing. Feel the air drawing in and gently out of your body. Notice where your breath sits in your body and place your attention there. Don’t try to control it, let your body flow naturally.
  2. Move More – adding just 5 to 10 minutes of movement per hour can boost your focus and happiness significantly. If you work in an office, detach from your desk and give yourself that time to get your blood flowing and your mind a chance to wander.
  3. Listen More – the person you are with may be speaking but are you truly listening? Listening can be an amazing act of mindfulness. Listen to their voice without judgement of what they are saying and let their words flow over you.
  4. Be In Your Body More – when we are drifting into negative thoughts we feel removed from ourselves. By being aware of your body, you will begin to feel more present and at ease. Look at your hands and really see them in all their detail, then feel them. Feel the weight of your body and how alive it is.
  5. Have ‘Me Time’ More – take time out every day to practice a mindful activity. If you’re always giving to others then you can be left feeling burnt out and depleted of any time to care for yourself. Practice daily quiet time for at least ten minutes a day and give yourself a chance to be with your own thoughts.

What are you waiting for? Put these tips into practice and get ready to feel your best!