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From being a symbol of feminism, to giving life sustaining milk to their babies, breasts play many roles in a woman’s life. Whilst some women are completely comfortable with their breasts’ appearance and feel, many are often dissatisfied! Some don’t like their size, some are unhappy with their shape. As they start ageing, women are often concerned with the sagging of breast tissue. Regardless of their age or size, all women want healthy breasts for life. 

As with the rest of the body, breasts need regular care to maintain their firmness, suppleness and volume. Our simple, easy to follow guide will help you take care of your breasts all year round:

  1. Clean, exfoliate and moisturise

Breast skin is quite thin and can easily become dry  if you don’t apply the right protection. It can imperative to clean your breast with any mild natural soap, particularly under the breasts. Weekly exfoliation can help get rid of any dead skin and open the pores. Use a good quality natural moisturiser or a blend of natural oils like castor oil and olive oil, to keep the skin soft and supple. This will also remove any impurities and prevent blemishes.

2. Massage 

Massaging  your breasts will increase blood circulation and help maintain firmness and volume. It can also help you detect any unusual signs and identify any lumps or swelling that could be a risk of breast cancer. Massage your breasts in gentle circular motions with high quality and collagen rich oils to derive maximum benefits.

3. Use sunscreen

The skin in this area is very sensitive which is why you should apply sunscreen on your chest to control sun exposure and prevent sunburn. Too much sun exposure can sometimes lead to cancer. Frequent sun exposure wrinkle your skin and cause your breasts to lose firmness.

4. Regularly self examine

Self examination can help you determine if there is anything unusual within your breasts. Some changes or symptoms to look out for could be a change in your skin, like puckering or dimpling. If you discover a lump or a bump in your breast please consult your GP at the earliest. They are often benign but it’s best to get them examined to rule out any onset of cancer. Some women can feel slight pain or tenderness in their breasts just before their periods and it’s quite normal, But do see a doctor if you notice any nipple discharge or bleeding or a rash or if you have any pain that is long-lasting,  

5. Maintain healthy diet and exercise

Eating  a healthy diet, containing lots of greens and foods rich in Vitamin C, iron and collagen, will provide the required nutrients for maintaining your breast health.  Regular moderate  exercise and yoga not only benefits your overall health but can also help you maintain the shape, size and firmness of your breasts. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables  has been known to lower risk of getting breast tumours.  Regular exercise had also been proven to reduce the overall risk of breast cancer. 

6. Use right bra

If you use a bra that doesn’t support your breasts  this can affect the ligaments in your breast and can cause them to sag and overstretch. To prevent this you can consult professional bra filters to find the right bra size. Anytime you notice that your bra is not fully covering  your breasts, or is digging or causing them to bulge, revisit your bra filters, as breasts can sometimes change shape or size over time. A good bra will also help you maintain good posture.

7. Good Posture

When ours shoulders are pulled back and spine straight, our breasts are well supported.  A good bra can provide additional support. Slouching may cause your breasts to sag prematurely.  If you do tend to slouch, there are some very effective exercises and yoga poses to remedy that – push ups and wing flap are some of the popular ones, which don’t even require any equipment.

8. Keep your weight checked

If you gain or lose a significant amount of weight this will affect your breasts and make them change shape and size. Overtime they may become saggy and unattractive, even painful. The tissue in your breast may stretch and may not always go back into shape. Aim to maintain a healthy weight and BMI. If you do need to lose weight, avoid any drastic exercises as they may lead to loss in breast volume. 

9. Look out for changes in the skin texture 

Breast cancer can cause changes in the skin texture of your breast, such as scaly or dry skin around the nipple and aerola. The skin may also  feel thicker in some parts of your breast. Consult a doctor for advice or test to help identify if this change is normal and benign or a precursor to something more serious. 

10. No smoking

Smoking can affect your overall health, including breasts, Smoking  can harm your skin and can cause the skin around your breasts and inner arms to loosen. It can cause many complications, and is one of the leading causes of multiple cancers.  Smoking can make it difficult for you to heal after any type of surgery, such as breast reconstruction surgery.

So there it is. Make these 10 healthy habits part of your life, and your breasts will thanks you by staying healthy and perky!